Warner Music Group Internship: Qualifications and Benefits 

During Warner Music Group Internship, you will also develop your own content to promote new releases, tour announcements, merch, playlists and forthcoming events.

Background of Warner Music Group

With a history dating back more than 200 years, Warner Music Group (WMG) today brings together artists, songwriters, and entrepreneurs who are influencing entertainment culture throughout the world. 

WMG’s Recorded Music division, which operates in over 70 countries through a network of affiliates.

Warner Music Group Internship

Warner Music Group  personnel are very important to Warner Music Group. The  global company is made up of people who are knowledgeable, passionate and creative. 

Their dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion provides an environment in which you can truly belong, contribute, and thrive. 


Learn more about prerequisites for Warner Music Group Internship

  • Musically obsessed not just one or two genres. you have the ability to find a favorite song or artist in any genre.
  • You’re an excellent storyteller with a creative imagination who can see the finished product from the initial concept conversation.
  • You live for making video content, you always have your camera with you and are constantly posting edited pieces to your social media, YouTube channel, and/or website.
  • Your main goal is to generate views for your content, and you know how to achieve it authentically.
  • You are intrigued by the prospect of creating compelling material for relatively unknown developing artists.
  •  A self-starter who is enthusiastic about the prospect of working on projects without direct supervision.
  • Willing to use your personal social media to raise exposure and generate views for key artists (of any genre) and brand collaborations.

Benefits of Warner Music Group internship

Check below to find out more perks of Warner Music Group internship

Meet Artists

Work with and arrange content pieces and activations both in person and electronically when an artist visits your market. When editing a final product, occasionally work directly with artists to assist capture their creative vision.

Increase Your Network

Throughout the editing and revising process, communicate with various departments and personnel at Warner Music Group. Through weekly meetings and coordinated moments, you may connect and interact.


You will be in charge of editing raw footage from WMU events and activations across the country into professional and cohesive pieces that will be broadcast through various WMG and Warner Music U channels, putting your own unique flavor and style.

Share Your Knowledge

Share your thoughts and ideas in cooperation sessions with the entire team to assist them in gathering the best footage/content for final pieces. To maintain continuity, create shot plans and themes for national events and moments, and discuss best practices for recording video/audio for an event 

Warner Music Group believes in the worth of every individual and welcomes applications from people of all ages.

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