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Are you interested in a career in UX Research or are you just looking to refresh your knowledge of the subject? You should think about gaining experience through a UX research internship.

About UX Research Internship 

Undoubtedly, UX research is one of the interactive industry’s most rapidly expanding and inventive segments. These days, a lot of students are interested in this profession.

By incorporating insights about human behaviors, attitudes, practices, and norms, you will guide human-centered strategy, help set product direction, and directly contribute to ongoing product development as a UX research intern.

You will have the chance to direct both short-term and long-term research strategies to close knowledge gaps, prioritize inclusion, pinpoint risks, and guide product decisions.

You will conduct analyses, transform quantitative and qualitative data into useful insights, and actively contribute to achieving product outcomes that satisfy customers and advance organizational objectives.


  • Make and implement plans for research projects and/or initiatives for a feature or component.
  • Define the challenges to be studied and specify clear success criteria that are pertinent to corporate needs.
  • Select the research technique(s) that best meet the learning requirements and business objectives.
  • Gather accurate, trustworthy, and aim data. Analyze and condense the data.
  • Investigate potential solutions using design thinking and user experience research methods.
  • Analyze changes in user experience for a feature or component.
  • Create noteworthy products based on study findings.


  • Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in technical, human factors engineering, computer science, and human-computer interaction
  • 2+ years of experience in user experience research
  • Currently pursuing a master’s degree in technical communications, human factors engineering, and human-computer interaction.
  • 1+ year(s) of expertise with research techniques that have an impact on the direction of the product and the specific experience design

Microsoft is an employer that values diversity. Without regard to age, ancestry, color, family, or medical leave, all suitable applicants will be given consideration for employment.

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