UX Internship Program 2022 – Check Qualifications

One of the career options a UX designer can take is an internship. The internships give UX interns practical experience in the design sector.

About UX Internship

Every variety of UI, UX, visual, motion, illustration, brand, and marketing design roles are represented within Amazon design teams, along with design technologists, researchers, writers, and more.

Internships at Amazon are full-time (40 hours per week) for 12 weeks, with start dates ranging from May to July 2023. Candidates must have a minimum of one quarter or semester left after their internship.

You will develop into the high-impact, visionary individual at Amazon that you know you are capable of being. There will be fascinating new challenges, the opportunity to learn new skills, and opportunities for personal improvement every day.


  • Knowledge of storytelling and expertise in designing consumer brand experiences
  • Using style guidelines and mockups, demonstrate your visual design ability.
  • Additional design expertise in linked industries, such as motion design, filmmaking, and prototyping.
  • Knowledge of interaction design for voice-activated devices.
  • Expertise in cross-platform experience design.
  • Ability to swiftly produce rigorous flows and mock-ups that reflect a variety of possibilities while extracting complex ideas
  • Ability to proficiently present design solutions to stakeholders in the design, product management, and engineering.
  • Ability to drive the design review cycle and close on design requirements independently


  • Create click-throughs, prototypes, visual mockups, wireframes, conceptual diagrams, and conceptual diagrams.
  • Plan projects with stakeholders to ensure efficient delivery while upholding high design standards.
  • Be a passionate and successful design spokesman for non-design audiences.
  • Design thoughtful, beautiful, and useful software user interfaces and experiences in a team environment.
  • Create user-centered designs by considering market analysis, customer feedback, site metrics, and usability findings.

How to Apply

Start by submitting applications through the individuals you know because they will be the finest references, such as coworkers from previous employers, and members of the community where you have volunteered.

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