UWEC Study Abroad: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire is committed to providing a high-quality program that will prepare you for success in your studies.

About UWEC

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire  offers a comprehensive English program that gives students exceptional experience that will assist the student to improve their English proficiency with a class size of about 10 students will learn valuable skills, earn leadership and team-building skills and maximize university resources 

With an average class size of 10 students, you will learn valuable study skills, utilize university resources, and gain leadership and team-building skills. 


  • Meal plan
  • Free city bus transportation
  • Up to 15 weeks of instruction
  • Weekly Instruction (18 hours)
  • Dormitory-style housing on campus


  • To Study courses that focuses on academic and social language
  • This program offers exceptional courses aimed at preparing students  for success in their  academic pursuit
  • Students will learn essential study skills, maximize university resources and gain leadership skills
  • Buddy Program meets weekly with a fluent English speaker to improve your speaking and connect with the UW-Eau Claire campus community
  • To access on-campus computers, library, medical  services, and recreation services 
  • Provision of Accident and sickness insurance for J and F visa holders
  • Offers  excellent English language learning student support and mentorship 
  • To Create opportunities for, and support intercultural communication and enriching educational experiences for both home and foreign students.
  • Attract, retain and advocate for international students.
  • To advance inclusive campus climate for intercultural learning.
  • UWEC is  dedicated  to  professional development and to evidence-based teaching,
  • UWEC serves as a resource for staff students staff interested in the globalization of campus or intercultural and teaching

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offers a personalized experience that will help increase your English proficiency. 

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