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USD have been able to groom students in a way that will advance their personal and professional growth

About USD Study Abroad

There are over 80 various study abroad programs offered to students who wish to live and study worldwide at the University of San Diego is quite visible why the University of San Diego is ranked the 2nd in the nation for study abroad participation by students doing their undergraduate program 

The university’s first location was the Madrid center a place where university students can  comfortably call their home 

There are three core values for international competence in USD which is visible all through their programs and international opportunities 

Study Abroad Program by USD

Students have the opportunity to make the choice of programs that best fit them by making decisions on  the kind of region country and conditions to study abroad 

Pacific island, Africa, Asia,  Australia central, America Europe, North America South, America Caribbean multi-region, and west indies are among the student of the location can choose from, traveling is equally an option during the semester at the sea

Semester Program 

Tanzania, Peru, French Polynesia, Finland, Turks and Caicos island among others are fascinating countries USD students will explore, exchange Program is equally approved and its peculiar among USD Students 

USD Lisbon Semester Exchange Program 

A city which is recently  experiencing a cultural renaissance  known as  Lisbon the capital of Portugal a unique location surrounded by exceptional cities, a western European city that faces the ocean 

The Location of Lisbon provides a great climate throughout the year, and water in Lisbon is used to define the city and its culture.

Nova school of business and economics invites USD students for a semester exchange program that is memorable in the academic lectures and the experience of living abroad.

USD Bhutan Bumthang semester

It will interest you to be part of an amazing moment with USD Students traveling to the kingdom of Bhutan  the revered Himalayas between India and china 

There  is a wide array of entrancing views of beautiful birds leopards, blue, sheep, and tigers which students can gain knowledge about Bhutan is known to be one of the major biodiversity hotspots in the whole world 

USD’s objective is to groom international students that have global competence and also design an institution with global competence The value-based education offered by USD has made this goal achievable, 

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