USCB Study Abroad: University of Califonia

UCSB EAP in collaboration with the University of California Education Abroad Program provides students with study abroad options in more than 40 countries 

USCB Study Abroad

These programs are exceptionally created for UC students and often rotate around a certain themes you can live and study with other UC students.

You can make your choice from a limited number of courses programs are not available physically at foreign universities 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Check the dates and the Eligibility through the program details
  • Language GPASCum and Cumulative as at the time of application must be met and maintained till departure Class
  • Level must be met by departure Language & Course Prerequisites, must be met by departure

USCB Study Abroad Focal Points

  • Courses may be taught in English or a foreign language.  Study at a local university and make your choice from the wide range and variety of subjects and courses found in the host varsity course catalog 
  • Make a choice from the limited available courses at a local university many of these courses are offered in the summer you are exposed to cultural activities and excursions with other students from around the world 
  • Get needed internship that’s designed into your program and gain professional experience abroad. the for numerous programs available or make the choice of programs that makes addition of an optional internship to your academic course load possible if there is an internship section on your UCEAP program then its better
  • Students should focus primarily on foreign language and cultural studies.  Student can make their choice from the variety of available languages which includes Arabic, French Italian, Japanese Russian or Spanish you have to be informed about opportunities for you to focus on your major through the immersion program 
  • Choose courses with UC students in a structured environment, Take time to learn about a particular topic from multiple perspective and location  and location specific topic from multiple perspectives and locations
  • Gain broad research experience at the overseas abroad.  Conduct a research project that’s designated for your program. Or add an optional research project to your academic course load.

On the program pages of the UCEAP website. Students can find cogent information about programs’ specific details such as criteria for eligibility program dates available coursework and various program cost 

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