USAC Study Abroad: University Study Abroad Consortium

In USAC there are lots of opportunities to improve in the culture, history, and academics of other countries providing a memorable experience 

About USAC Study Abroad

Each program is created to help students grow into engaged citizens in the world not only through academic experience but also through an internship, volunteering, and service learning,

USAC is a consortium of the US designed to provide less expensive and genuine study abroad programs 

Students can make the choice of programs in more than 50 cities across over 25 countries of the world which includes Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe Latin America, and Oceania students can enroll to study abroad with USAC for the summer semester and the entire academic year

USAC Study Abroad Programs

  • The university study abroad consortium USAC provides students with learning opportunities at different campuses  around the world  most times is referred to as language and culture programs granted university of Idaho resident credit find out detailed information on the Study abroad office 
  • Students are strongly encouraged  to keep their course description while studying abroad, that information is often needed when a transfer specialist evaluates transcript it could mean the difference between an elective or direct match 
  • Course acceptance at graduate level credit must be pre-approved by USAC and the university of Idahvisiting faculty at the USAC sites are not listed in the transfer guide, credit for these courses is usually granted as elective credit upon scrutiny of the corresponding academic department

This credit may be used towards degree requirements with approval from the counselor Unique topic courses provided by the  degree audit substitution waiver form must be completed 

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