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There are options for Study abroad programs available at the University of North Texas provided by universities and colleges.

About UNT

The university of texas is located at Denton Texas the varsity was established as a nonsectarian and a public research university in 1890 the school was formally adopted by the state and UNT became a member of the university of north texas system after 11 years.

UNT Study Abroad Program Benefits 

  • Study abroad  program provides students with countless professional academic and personal benefits 
  • UNT students study abroad and do not take a longer period to graduate Students can study abroad with UNT faculty and students in their major field of study.
  • Semester-long exchange and affiliate programs are often comparable to or less than the cost of a semester at UNT.

Reasons to Study Abroad 

Career Opportunities Abroad 

Your achievement and accomplishment  will stand out to companies that operate in an international level, With experience studying abroad employees most times hire students who studied abroad, research shows that 64% of companies prefer students with international experience 

Lifetime Connections

You will meet some prominent people in your life, while you study in a foreign country, moving to the international space will get you connected to roommates teachers classmates there are no limitations to the awesome people you will meet in the course of your study abroad 

Studying Abroad to Have a New Perspective of the World 

The abroad program is awesome because of the travel  experience and living a new environment this opens students’ minds to new cultures and among other fantastic experiences 

The UNT Study Abroad Office organizes affiliate, faculty-led, and exchange, programs for UNT students in tandem  with university schools, faculty and colleges

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