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These programs give students first-hand experience in the legal system culture and environment of another country while making progress toward the JD degree

About UIUC Study Abroad

In the 21 st century the legal profession is global The University of Illinois College of Law makes provision for opportunities to develop JD students globally through long semester program at foreign partner schools. 

The University of Illinois College of Law Study Abroad program provides JD students with the opportunity to earn credits 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Only law students who have completed their first year of study  can access this program 
  • These programs are available only to students that have completed their (30 hours) credit hours
  • A full course load must be taken during the study abroad semester (minimum 12 credits). 
  • The student must have good academic performance with a  minimum GPA of 3.0. 
  • Chosen courses must meet American Bar Association criteria and are subject to the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • The College of Law Academic Advisor for Study Abroad is the Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs.

Application Process 

  • To apply go to the university of  Illinois study Abroad website and search for the program listed A non-refundable $100 study abroad application systems fee is attached 
  • Additionally  to complete the online application process  students must provide to the Graduate and International Programs Office:
  • A  statement of purpose indicating how your study abroad experience will have a significant  impact  on your academic and legal career
  • A copy of your most recent résumé
  • Two professors’ names can be used as recommenders (recommendation letters are not necessary).

Benefits of Abroad Study 

  • Exercise of  independence
  • Developing Foreign language 
  • To Gain intercultural literacy
  • New academic culture experience 
  • Ability to network globally 

Some  of the students choose to do research for history projects while they are abroad and obtain funding from travel grant programs for the purpose of abroad studies Students also earn   credits 

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