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The intern must be overseen by a full-time employee of the sponsoring company. An internship needs to be on-the-job training opportunity in order to count for academic credit.

About Internships for Academic Credit

A professional development optional course called the Digital Arts and Sciences Internship is available during the Summer C or Summer B semester. 

No more than three credits may be earned for the internship course, which can be taken for one to three credits

Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) majors are only permitted to do one internship for academic credit. 

Requirements & Application

Check below for details of requirements and application

  • Have completed nine or more semester hours of upper-division courses in Digital Worlds, have a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA, and a 2.5 or higher professional GPA.
  • The internship must involve learning while doing. A full-time employee of the sponsoring company must oversee the intern.
  • Submit an Internship Application Form that is full. Check one.ufl for any holds before submitting an application. Before a request for an internship may be assessed, all holds must be removed.
  • Submit a letter of acceptance from your boss. You must include a letter of acceptance from your supervisor with your internship application. 
  • The correspondence must be typed on business letterhead, addressed to Justin Marlin, Assistant Director of Digital Worlds, and should explain
  • That the company or organization has engaged you as an intern. Your intern responsibilities must be described in the letter.
  • The letter must be signed by your direct supervisor, who will serve as your primary mentor throughout the internship, and must include their official title.
  • Provide a Supervisor Form* that has been completed by the sponsoring organization’s full-time supervisor.
  • Justin Marlin will accept or reject your application for an internship after receiving it and the required supporting documentation.
  • The DW adviser will enroll the student in the course after accepting an application. 
  • Students are advised to submit their applications early so that they will have plenty of time to resubmit them if there are any problems.

Professionalism, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities are all enhanced through  internships for Academic Credit. The most significant characteristics of a position have been recognized for skill development.

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