UCSD Study Abroad: University of Califonia San Diego

The abroad program at Uc san Diego comes with quality skill acquisition and cognate experience for students 

About UCSD Study Abroad

There are various mediums to ensure study abroad works with your educational plan, when preparing for your trip ensure to keep to the policies below 

  • One Outside course can be approved to Cogsci minors considering the minor prerequisites 
  • Core and elective courses must be upper division
  • Three upper-division courses can be taken by CBN majors 
  • Two core courses and three electives can be taken by cogsci majors outside of the department at UC San Diego

Steps to Study Abroad 

  • Goto the study abroad office’s official website to discuss around the globe 
  • Ensure to check in the Cogsci Undergraduate Advisor with your Academic preparation form to talk about courses you plan to get a pre-approval review sample cogsci study abroad plan use PDF to help generate your own plan 

Course pre-approval 

  • If the courses are preapproved EAP courses (try to log in to google sheet with your @uscd edu email credentials instructions) approval will take a short time 
  • If the courses are yet to be preapproved EAP courses or OAP courses approval may take upto two weeks  ensure to submit up to 8 syllabi a semester/quarter program

Apply for a scholarship

  • Study abroad and get international experience and hone your professional skills
  • Submit an appeal to the Cogsci department  once you return for each course that took for cogsci credit attached with your course syllabus 
  • Ensure to share your experience with other cogSci students at the  cogsci abroad dashboard contact your counselor for detailed information

UCSD Programs

UC San Diego Global Seminars 

UC San Diego offer various five-week international seminar every summer UC San Diego  professor offers students two courses 8 units which class includes 15-28 students this is for the purpose of interacting with faculty and connecting with other students the courses are all taught in English 


By taking part in the university of California  education abroad program  students can take  advantage of courses all over the world at any time of the year students can make use of My EAP catalog fo search courses that have been previously taken by EAP students the credits students earn count as UC units with regard to students GPA

This makes is possible for students to take courses through affiliates programs or by direct enrollment into a university abroad program, 

CSN Team

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