UCI Study Abroad: All You Should know 

In an increasingly global universe studying abroad can be life-changing and interesting it  broadens your horizons and allows you to gain cognate experience

About UCI Study Abroad

Students can make choices in two categories the education abroad program offers 150 programs  in over 40 countries because of EAP alignment with the UCI curriculum most financial aids are applicable 

US-based international  education organizations and US international colleges offer an independent program that is a little bit distinctive compared to the regular one 

Funding Opportunities 

  • You can make applications for private scholarships except restricted by the scholarship provider 
  • Parents and students loan are available to cover the full expenses of study abroad program 
  • Students can apply for institutional aid and award to support study expenses additionally students can make application of federal and state financial aid 
  • While studying abroad work-study awards  cant be used 

How to apply 

  • Make an application for financial support through FAFSA and CADAA the same priority deadlines applicable for abroad programs and then make an application for study abroad programs
  • UCI EAP  will give information about your acceptance to the office of financial aid  so you can become a beneficiary financial aid advisor will contact you through UCI email if additional documents or information are required 
  • If you need to get a visa support letter  do well to contact the financial aid office 
  • Before going  you will be required to attend a financial support orientation and make review of your MYEAP for any outstanding document

This enables students to grow and build networks while honing their professional skills and have an edge over other students during employment UCI is quite less expensive to begin your study abroad journey.

CSN Team

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