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Internships are a fantastic way to learn about a field of study and obtain practical experience. more people turn to the internet, it becomes simpler to look for and apply for internships from the comfort of your own home.

About Internship

An internship is a brief period of job experience that is provided by an organization. Internships, once limited to medical graduates, are now used as training for a variety of postings in private sector companies, nonprofit groups, and governmental institutions. 

They are frequently taken on by college students and recent graduates who want to develop relevant skills and expertise in a particular industry.

Employers gain from these placements since they frequently hire staff members from among their finest interns, who have proven abilities, thus saving time and money. 

Top Best Sites to Search for Internships

Below are the finest websites for finding an internship that is right for you.

1. Linkedin

One of the most reputable platforms for business people and job seekers to network professionally is LinkedIn. There is a whole area of it devoted to job searching. By condensing your search using different parameters, you may quickly look for internships that are pertinent to your interests.

After you finish your profile on LinkedIn, strong AI-powered features will suggest relevant jobs and internships in your sector.

interest. Easy Apply is another excellent option that LinkedIn provides. With only one click, you may submit your job application. So you can avoid the time-consuming processes of manually obtaining the company’s email address and sending a CV.

A paid version of the website is also available, which might help you rank among the top applicants. Additionally, it provides employment alerts so that you can be informed of the most recent internship openings in fields that interest you.

2. Indeed

You can look for jobs and internships on Indeed, which offers access to millions of opportunities. Through this website, you can look for full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, and internship employment.

Additionally, Indeed recommends the appropriate opportunities for you based on your search history. Additionally, you can research a company using their Indeed profiles and get in touch with recruiters using chat tools. It includes a fantastic feature that allows you to save your resume so you can quickly apply for any position.

3. Glassdoor 

Glassdoor is a worldwide network for job searching that provides extensive resources to assist you in landing the position of your choosing.

You can use it to look for jobs and internships in practically every industry. You have the opportunity to look up employment and internship positions, business reviews, and information about job interviews.

By reading the evaluations written by the organization’s current or past employees on its corporate profile on Glassdoor, you can gain insight into the business and its hiring procedure.


Because they frequently update the site and you don’t want to miss any chances to improve the world, you might want to create an account for this one. Obviously not. This website is ideal for you if you know that you want to intern for a nonprofit organization. 

It does exactly what it says on the tin: “We connect idealists with chances for action.” At last, some truth in advertising. Whether they are paid or unpaid, internships can be easily found by spoken language or area of specialization.


Look at MediaBistro if you’re looking for a job in the media. This website, which is totally devoted to media careers, allows you to look for internships and positions in a variety of fields like publishing, design, technology, social media, TV and video, publishing, and advertising. 

Searching through all of the available internships seems almost as painful as watching an entire episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so here’s some advice: narrow down your searches to your areas of interest.


This webpage is specifically tailored to you. You can find internships in your area and advantages related to your school, such as career fairs and contacts with local employers, by entering your interests, location, and school. 

The career centers of prestigious universities including Duke University and University of Tampa use this highly rated website. To apply for internships, you must create an account, so go creative with your username and use the same password you’ve been using since sixth grade.

This website is focused on internship opportunities and employment within the government sector, as the name would imply. 


You can discover internships on this website with the Air Force Department, the US Attorney Office, the Navy, and many more organizations. Although the internships are tough, consider how impressive it will be to mention to others that you spent the summer as an intern for the Department of Defense.


This website can assist you if you want to find an internship abroad. The website chooses employers and recruiters based on your preferences when you register. 

It supports you during every step of the hiring process with businesses, from onboarding to visa. Also available are quick job visas.

9. CoolWorks

A special website called CoolWorks offers chances to work in some of the most amazing locations on earth. In wonderful locations like national parks, numerous resorts, ranches, camps, ski resorts, and work on the water, it offers employment and internship opportunities.

It features a great function that allows you to look for employment by category, state, season, national parks, and cool places. The current internship opportunities are listed in a separate category on this website for internship programs.

The website also includes a jobseekers’ handbook and a diary that tells the tales of numerous people who have gone on various journeys.


WayUp, formerly Campus Jobs, is the ideal internship locator. It is intended especially for professionals who are just starting out. You can look into internships and jobs, obtain guidance, and meet employers.

You must provide some personal information when signing up, including details about your prior experiences. You will then have access to a variety of activities that will keep you occupied for several hours.

Every opportunity has been hand-picked just for you. Only positions/internships for which you are qualified will be displayed to you since employers must specify the qualifications they require. Don’t hesitate to take action when you see your dream job.

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