TN Hope Scholarship 2022 – Check Eligibility

The HOPE Scholarship is established and funded from the net proceeds of the state lottery and awarded to entering freshmen. Apply now!

About TN Hope Scholarship

Academic achievement is a requirement for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship Program, which is open to graduates of all state high schools that qualify.

Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and an ACT or SAT score of at least 21 in order to qualify. Additionally, students must submit the FAFSA application and enroll full-time at a qualified college within 16 months after their high school graduation.


  1. Entering freshmen must have a minimum of a 21 ACT (980 old SAT or 1060 new SAT), 
  2. Overall weighted minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA)
  3. Home School graduates
  4. GED Applicants—Minimum 525 and 21 ACT (980 old SAT or 1060 new SAT), exclusive of the essay and optional subject area battery tests


  1. Be a Tennessee resident as classified by the Tennessee Board of Regents; pursuant to TCA 49-8-104,
  2. Graduate from a TN eligible high school
  3. Exceptions may be granted to TN residents who graduate from high schools located in states other than Tennessee. 

Renewal Criteria

  1. At the conclusion of the semester in which the student attempted 24 and 48 semester hours, the student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  2. At the end of the semester in which they attempted 72 semester hours and any subsequent multiple of 24 semester hours, the student’s cumulative GPA must be at least 3.0.
  3. The student must re-apply each year by completing the FAFSA and be continuously enrolled at an eligible postsecondary institution 

How to Apply

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is accessible at, to submit an application.

Applications must be submitted by February 1st for spring and summer semesters and by September 1st for the autumn semester. Application early on is advised.

The state’s lottery proceeds are used to fund the HOPE Scholarship. Do well to apply now!

CSN Team.

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