Tinder Internship : Qualification and Application 

Tinder is passionate about developing software that brings our rapidly growing global user base one swipe closer to a new adventure

About Tinder Internship

As a Tinder Backend Intern, you will work directly with senior members of the Engineering team and be given the opportunity to contribute solutions to Tinder’s backend system. 

Tinder is  deeply committed to challenging norms, constantly improving architecture design, exploring emerging tech and ideas, and leveraging new technologies in novel ways to deliver a globally recognized app.

Core Roles

Find out more about the core duties of interns

  • Tinder Engineering should work together to expand our service platform.
  • Create and run scalable and resilient distributed services on Kubernetes or ECS.
  • Create large-scale distributed systems capable of handling billions of data events per day.
  • Unit and integration tests should be written.
  • Participate in the annual Tindership Hackathon, presenting to the entire Tinder team and an executive panel.


Learn more about the prerequisites of interns below

  • Aspiring backend developer eager to work on large-scale projects using cutting-edge technology
  • Coding proficiency in at least one language
  • Data structures and algorithms are fundamental concepts in computer science.
  • A BS/BA, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or a related field is currently being pursued
  • Prior internship or work experience with backend systems is required.
  • completed relevant project work (i.e. hack-a-thons, personal projects, GitHub, Open Source, volunteer coding experience etc.)
  • Understanding of technologies such as Protocol Buffers, gRPC, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, ElasticSearch, and Redis is required.
  • Knowledge of AWS technologies such as DynamoDB, S3, RDS, and ElastiCache

As an intern your contribution will inspire millions of people all over the world to make new and meaningful connections.

CSN Team

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