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Through Square Internship, Square tech is providing students with volunteer spring internships. interns are very content and think highly of the benefits an internship will be well as educational with practical experience.

About Square Internship

Through a series of business and technology-based training seminars, this youth program focuses on technology and builds a foundation for learning and skill development.

Subsequently, using what they have learnt about IT, the youth restore computers that are then made accessible for suggested donations. Some of Boston’s most disconnected neighborhoods now have more effective access to technology at affordable prices.

Interns will participate in live and online workshops with Square Tech’s IT team as part of our Square Tech Computer Repair and Training Program and accrue volunteer hours.

Through a series of business and technology based training seminars, the interns in this hybrid internship will gain skills. Volunteer hours will be given to interns.

Interns Qualities

Learn more about qualities interns should posses to qualify for Square Internship

  • Ensure Square is consistently reliable by employing testing, continuous integration, and thorough code reviews.
  • Create interactions and APIs that foster trust, boost security, and make it more difficult to act inappropriately.
  • Analytics: Gather all relevant information about each transaction and utilize it to create solutions that benefit our users.
  • Imagine entirely new goods, features, and flows that are creative, thoughtful, and wonderful.
  • Making rapid decisions involving millions of dollars needs diligence and a passion for identifying dishonest people and averting loss.

Eligibility Criteria

Learn more about prerequisites for Square Internship

  • Graduating between May 2022 and May 2023 with a degree in computer science, electrical engineering, math, or a similar technological profession.
  • Within six months of finishing the program’s or training’s requirements, recent bootcamp grads and participants in engineering training are also taken into consideration.
  • Programming knowledge of at least one object-oriented language, such as C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Go, Kotlin and Ruby

Benefits Square Internship Program

Learn more about perks of Square Internship Program

  • Utilizing Makey Makey, design a game controller. Makey, With Mbot, you can create a robot from scratch while learning the basics of block-based programming.
  • Learn the fundamentals, the idea, and how to actually create a computer using PC hardware.
  • Boost their workforce competencies.
  • Utilize their IT expertise.
  • Learn more about technology
  • Weekly check-in and practical sessions
  • Select 3–4 workshops in accordance with their IT preferences.
  • Attend workshops and practical training sessions covering the core skills and ideas needed for entry-level IT positions.
  • Discover how Windows OS functions, how to build a computer from scratch and develop code using Scratch, how to make a Mbot, and how to master business management, computer networking, and coding with computer science
  • While learning new technical skills, receive a learning stipend.

​Square strives to abide by these same ideals in creating a unique workplace. The company is trying to create a more inclusive economy where customers have equal access to opportunity.

CSN Team

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