Spotify Internship 2022 – How to Apply

With the help of Spotify’s paid internship program, interns can learn more about what it’s like to work for the firm in-depth and get a glimpse of its technological side.

How to Get a Spotify Internship

A Swedish software startup called Spotify offers podcasts, music, and video streaming. Since the company’s founding in 2008, it has expanded significantly.

There are currently offices for it in Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Sydney, London, Milan, Brussels, Madrid, Helsinki, Mexico City, Oslo, Stockholm, Singapore, and Warsaw.

The three biggest offices of Spotify are located in Stockholm, New York, and London. But even as an intern, it might be difficult to land a job. You must be innovative, perseverant, and proactive throughout the application process if you want to be a Spotify intern.

Why You Should Apply

When it comes to employee satisfaction, Spotify excels. The organization wants to foster a work atmosphere where people can develop professionally and personally.

Here are several justifications for why Spotify is a fantastic location to advance your career.

  • Live performances. The work environment at Spotify is entirely centered on music. Spotify often hosts live music events at its offices and prefers to hire talented people and music lovers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Decently nice pay. At Spotify, your pay corresponds to how valuable you are to the organization. The company allows for paid leave and adjusts salaries according to the existing market.
  • Free food. Spotify believes that food can help employees focus on their cognitive tasks and ensure that its employees don’t go hungry.

Application Process

You would need to submit an internship application directly on Spotify’s website to begin the application process.

Keep in mind that every position is different, therefore you must customize your CV, past employment history, important projects, and whole application to the position you desire.

Spotify is forward-thinking, and one of the few employers that let new grads and Bootcamp graduates apply for an internship. Kindly share this article and leave a comment.

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