Simon and Schuster Internship Program – See Details

The Simon & Schuster Spring Internship Program will be conducted remotely and provide students with an unrivaled inside look into book publishing and a learning opportunity.

About Simon and Schuster Internship

They release their content in digital, audio, and video formats. They also have renowned authors who have created some of their best-selling books, including those published by Simon & Schuster, Scribner, and Atria Books.

Also published by, Gallery Books, Pocket Books, Adams Media, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, and Simon & Schuster Audio. This remarkable accomplishment has been distributed to as many as 200 countries and counting.

The program that encompasses the summer, fall, and spring courses lasts 10 weeks. To suit the interns’ academic schedules, the fall and spring terms will be at least 16 to 20 hours shorter than the summer session’s 35 hours per week.


Each intern will be paid their hourly wage but also be required to complete a weekly time sheet. See below

  • Intern salaries–5 salaries reported at $34,865/yr
  • Intern–Hourly salaries–4 salaries reported at $32,912/yr
  • Editorial salaries–3 salaries reported at $22,616/yr
  • Internship salaries–2 salaries reported at $33,791/yr


  • Candidates must be undergraduate seniors or juniors, although they may also be recent graduates who are still enrolled in the program.
  • Candidates must use the Simon & Schuster link provided at the conclusion of this post to submit their application and cover letter, as necessary.
  • After graduating, you must have a work visa to the United States. Your application’s completion so serves as proof that you are qualified to work in the US.

How to Apply

  • Visit the Schuster career portal and follow the application process to fill-up the form.
  • Your CV should be attached to your cover letter.
  • You must identify the area in which you are most passionate. Remember that your resume should be included in your online application.

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