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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Internship Program is a distinctive educational opportunity that would help interns gain cognate experience.

Meaning of SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforces the legal obligation that public businesses and other regulated companies produce quarterly, yearly, and other periodic reports in order to carry out its mandate.

About SEC Internship

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Internship Program is a distinctive educational opportunity that brings together highly qualified and motivated students from a variety of disciplines into the SEC to acquire first hand practical knowledge with its work and its present operating needs.

It provides a fully immersive work environment created to develop future professionals capable of using theoretical knowledge in the field. In addition, 

Objectives of SEC Internship

Below are the three key objectives of SEC Internship

Potential Remedy for Structural Unemployment

As a mentoring organization, the SEC aims to contribute to resolving the urgent problem of structural unemployment faced by the federal government, which results in graduates entering the labor force who are unsuitable for industry jobs.

Resource Expansion

The SEC may harness the influx of new talent to bolster its human resources and re-energize the delivery of public services.

Making Strategic Workforce Replacement Investments

As part of its contingency workforce planning, the SEC hopes to invest in the development of a pool of potential employees or new hires through the internship program.

Eligibility Criteria

The SEC will consider interns if they meet the prerequisites listed below:

1.  Enrolled in a law or undergraduate program

2. Must be examined by the institution of higher learning where the student is presently enrolled, who will confirm, among other things:

  •  Morally sound (i.e., no derogatory record involving behavioral problems arising from moral turpitude)
  •  In shape technically (i.e., computer literate, English and Filipino proficient)
  • In good physical and mental health
  • Possessing sufficient social skills (interpersonal skills)
  • Sufficiently motivated (i.e., open to learning and to contributing to collective goal attainment)

3. At the time of applying for the internship, you must be a current student at a higher education institution that is accredited by the CHED;

4. Must not complete an internship as a requirement for graduation


The Learning Resource and Information Division of the HRAD must receive the following documents electronically from interested students in PDF format at

1. A cover letter submitted to the manager or director of the internship program

  • Program Manager
  • Administrative and Human Resources Department
  • Commission for Securities and Exchange


  • Marjory C. Dacillo
  • Program Director
  • Program for SEC Internships

2. Completed SIP Internship Forms:

  • Form 101, the application form for internships, with school endorsement
  • Form 102 (Essay Questionnaire)
  • Form 103, the “Medical/Health Certificate,”
  • Form 104 (Personal Data Sheet with photos – CS Form 212, Rev 2017)

3. Copies of the ensuing educational records

  • Validated student identity card
  • The course schedule

The internship program makes every effort to make the most of the student intern’s skills in order to help the SEC better manage its workload.

CSN Team

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