Scholarship Universe – Everything You Need to Know

Scholarship Universe is a scholarship matching tool that identifies relevant scholarships based on your personalized profile. Let’s get you started!

About Scholarship Universe

By connecting students to verified scholarship opportunities through an adaptive matching engine that identifies relevant scholarships based on each student’s personal information, needs, and eligibility, Scholarship Universe is an online portal designed to lessen “scholarship search fatigue.”

How Does Scholarship Universe Work?

Answering questions will help scholarship opportunities match you with your eligibility. Through your own unique portal, you can quickly and conveniently apply online for numerous scholarship opportunities.

You may track these applications in the same site and sign up for alerts for future scholarship possibilities as well.

How do I Login to Scholarship Universe?

  • Visit the Scholarship Universe website
  • Enter your UK linkblue email and password.
  • Answer all student profile questions provided.
  • Click on the “Scholarships” tab to begin applying for external scholarships.

How do I Use Scholarship Universe to Find Scholarship?

Start by filling out your student profile by responding to various questions. These inquiries are intended to match you with scholarships that you qualify for.

Before viewing your scholarship matches, it is advised that you complete all of your profile questions. Moreover, return often to check for new questions to answer because the more you do so, the more scholarships you can match.

How Often Should I Visit Scholarship Universe?

We recommend logging into Scholarship Universe at least once a week to stay up to date on any new scholarships that are posted and apply before their deadline. 

During the peak scholarship application season (typically late fall through mid-spring), you should consider logging in more frequently.

This free service specifically tailors scholarship opportunities to you based on information you include in your profile. Kindly share this information and leave a comment below.

CSN Team. 

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