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Internships frequently aid students in finding jobs following graduation. The Department of Political Science will make sure that your internship is a significant step in reaching your professional objectives.

About Political Science Internship Program

Students can participate in public service through the internship program while also learning more about how public policies are made.

The use of classroom information in practical contexts, enhanced critical thinking, leadership, and communication abilities, better awareness and understanding of social concerns, and improved civic involvement are just a few of the advantages of experiential learning. Another fantastic option to obtain useful work experience before graduating is through an internship.

Instructions and Eligibility Criteria

Learn more about several Instructions and requirements needed below

  • Students are required to spend 160 hours at their internship site during the summer semester and to produce a report regarding their experience, there are no scheduled regular classes to go along with the internship. The grade for the summer internship is pass/fail and is 01:790:48.
  • Before the commencement of the semester in which internship commences, students should get in touch with Professor William Field to discuss the potential of doing so. 
  • Once the program director has given the go ahead for a placement, you will receive a unique permission number that you can use to register for the appropriate course.
  • Students must be in their junior or senior year and have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Unless the program supervisor grants a specific exception, freshmen and sophomores are NOT eligible.
  • Students must spend at least 120 hours at their internship site over the fall and spring semesters (more than 140 hours are desired), attend the weekly class, speak to the class on their placement, and write a paper about their internship experience. 
  • Placements must be accessible from New Brunswick, and before the commencement of the program, students must obtain the program director’s approval for the placement.
  • Political science internships require candidates to have a strong analytical mind, good communication skills, and the capacity to think critically.

Positions to Apply for Political Internships

Learn more about several internship opportunities for political science majors, along with the necessary information about different fields below.

Campaign Assistant Internship

Joining campaign efforts as an intern for an elected figure you support is a terrific way to start gaining experience in the field of political science in practice. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with both active community volunteers and business experts in this position.

Congressional Intern

Interning for members of the Senate or the House of Representatives can be the ideal chance for you if you’re interested in higher levels of government. 

You’ll have the opportunity to oversee general managerial tasks in addition to getting to see what goes on in Congress firsthand.

You will not only carry out administrative duties in this position but also attend meetings, submit political reports, and get a deeper understanding of how to act in a professional setting.

Internship in Journalism

Consider using your political science training in the field of journalism if writing and reporting are more your style. You will be able to take part in both administrative and editorial content creation in this capacity.

You’ll gain knowledge about writing, editing, and deadlines, and you’ll get a better notion of the types of content you love contributing to. For individuals who want to pursue writing, political journalism, or reporting as a career, this is an excellent first step.

Radio News Internship

Similar to journalism, working as an intern at a radio station gives you access to the front lines of news reporting.

You may contribute at a radio station by keeping up with news trends or helping with segment production and editing. For this position, a production or media background is advantageous.

Assistant in Research

Interning as a research assistant might be a wonderful option if you want to get more involved with your university. 

Along with closely collaborating with professors in your own field, you’ll receive invaluable experience evaluating sources, collaborating with academic authorities, and becoming an authority on the subject of your research.

Legal Internship

To experience working in the legal field, think about taking on a legal internship You’ll leave this kind of internship with a decent idea of your chosen sector thanks to the straightforward administrative tasks, client contact, and priceless time spent studying industry leaders.

As you gain experience managing and reviewing cases, you will also learn how to act professionally.

The Political Science Internship Program was created to give undergraduate majors the opportunity to engage in civic participation and experiential learning in a public policy area that complements their political science coursework.

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