Physics Internship (See More Details)

The majority of physics interns undertake lab and or computational research, gather and analyze data, and present their findings in order to advance the subject.

About Physics Internship 

An NSF-funded summer research program for undergraduate students (REU) and secondary school teachers is administered by the BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy (RET).

The fields of optics (using lasers of many types, including ultra short pulse and UV lasers), computer modeling, plasmas, solid state and thin film physics, acoustics, theory, and astronomy are among those with promising potential.


Check more information about perks of physics internship

  • A $1,000 stipend will also be given to out-of-town RET participants to help with lodging and food expenses throughout the program. For a lot more information on the parts of the software that are special to RET, see the 
  • Participants in the undergraduate program will receive a $6,000 stipend, round-trip transportation costs to Provo, Utah, free lodging (for students from outside the country), and a food stipend.
  • Selected students will also get funding to travel to a regional or national conference when the program is over to share the findings of their research.


To be fully considered, applications must be received by February 13, 2023.

You may want to have the following data on hand (not a complete list) because the application will ask for it:

  • Your GPA and major GPA
  • A list of the math and physics courses you’ve completed or are currently taking, together with grades
  • Your top four picks for advisors and why you are interested in their projects (for more information on advisors available, see the “Projects” tab)
  • Describe briefly how joining the BYU REU program will advance your academic and professional goals.
  • Describe briefly what draws you to the BYU REU program in particular and why.
  • Include a one-page résumé with your application.
  • Email addresses of two people who will write letters of recommendation for you, along with their contact information


  • REU participants must be undergraduate students at a recognized U.S. institution or university who will graduate.
  • Teachers for the RET program must be working as secondary school teachers.
  • A permanent resident immigrant or a citizen of the United States must be a participant, referral letters for you.

Applications from minorities who are under represented in physics or who attend institutions without graduate research programs are of particular interest. 

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