Palmetto Fellows Scholarship – Check Application Details

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship program administered by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

About Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education oversees the 1988-instituted merit-based Palmetto Fellows Scholarship program.

First-year students receive $6,700 per academic year, while second-, third-, and fourth-year students each receive $7,500. The scholarship is split equally between the autumn and spring terms.

The award must be used to cover the full cost of attendance, less any other gift aid that was obtained. The first eight full semesters of study toward a bachelor’s degree at a South Carolina four-year college that accepts Palmetto Fellows may be sponsored.


Students must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship: 

  1. Attend an eligible South Carolina public or private senior college or university;
  2. Be a legal resident of the state of South Carolina;
  3. Have not been convicted of any felonies or alcohol/drug related convictions;
  4. Be a US citizen or a permanent resident;
  5. Be a full-time, degree seeking, undergraduate student in an eligible program of study;
  6. Must not be a Hope or LIFE recipient; and
  7. Must not be in default; owe a refund, or repayment on Federal or State financial aid.


  • $6,700 for first year Palmetto Fellows
  • $7,500 for second, third or fourth year Palmetto Fellows
  • An additional $2,500 for second, third or fourth year Palmetto Fellows majoring in math or science who meet all the requirement.

If you are a South Carolina high school student with exceptional academic records, you are qualified to apply for the state-awarded Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. Apply now!

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