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Enthusiastic interns that are quick learners, have a good attitude, and are very passionate about the NYLON brand, will gain experience with a wide variety of projects.

About NYLON Mag Internship

Nylon is a fashion and pop culture publication published in the United States. The publication serves as a platform for today’s active, intelligent, creative, and self-assured women. 

They have a strong desire to stay current on the latest fashion, cosmetics, design, media, travel, and technology trends. 

The American Society of Magazine Editors has had the privilege of nominating it three times. The entire year is open for students to apply for an internship at Nylon Magazine in New York. To improve yourself, you need to try something new. And a good option would be to get the help of essay writers by visiting https://mybestwriting.com/ link and improve the essay so that it shows well your special qualities and skills. A compelling story will get the attention of the American Society of Magazine Editors and increase your chances of landing an internship.

NYLON Mag Internship Benefits

It’s a terrific place to intern at Nylon Magazine. It covers all the fundamentals of publishing, including information regarding print and online media. 

  • Â Nylon encourages its interns to uphold production standards and places an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. 
  • Nylon is continuously striving to expand its readership, so an intern with a knack for original research will likely flourish there. 
  • You’ll get knowledge about conducting in-depth research and comprehending a product before writing about it. 
  • Long-term, this experience will help your professional career. Since deadlines are essential for delivering a high-quality magazine, the interns will learn to respect deadlines.
  • Your abilities as a reporter, content writer, proofreader, and/or graphic designer will be improved. 
  • The knowledge and expertise gained here will strengthen your résumé without a doubt. 
  • You will learn about the media sector and perhaps even have the chance to travel.


Check below to learn about what interns should expect

  • Students must get academic credit for their unpaid internships. 
  • Students must be available typically 2-3 days per week even if the internships are not full-time.

The majority of the magazine’s readers are from the US and Canada. The online version is accessible to other nations. Nylon Magazine awes its readers with an artistic perspective and disseminates information about recently released goods. 

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