Northwestern Study Abroad: Northwestern University 

Northwestern university partners with prominent institutions abroad for exchange programs students have options to make their choices from the course.

Northwestern Academic Program 

Northwest exchange programs are captivating programs in which students are enrolled directly in courses offered  at northwestern partner institutions  partner universities are chosen because they offer similar access to the academic courses, research opportunities 

And top-notch faculty to those that are available at a northwestern student should expect course work to be tasking and requires serious reading and extra research 

Students can equally expect their courses to be challenging as their northwestern courses, students are advised to be prepared to experience a very different academic structure and culture 

Grading and other course attribute and requirements may be quite different from Northwestern this is both an opportunity and challenge of participating in an exchange program

Financial Aid and Transcript

  • Northwestern financial support may be used for participation in the Northwestern Exchange programs.
  • Most courses are taken for transfer credit courses and grades do not appear on the northwestern transcript or factor into a student’s CGPA 
  • Refer to credit transfer exchange programs for details regarding credits and grades equality and minimum admission requirements
  • Students receive a transcript issued by the host university
  • Students are responsible for their accommodation and accommodation type varies by university and location of the program
  • There is a high level of independence required since on-site support has limitations
  • There is a high degree of integration in the academics and students of the host university 

Students will be able to learn about an exceptional academic system take classes with local students and study in the host language but this requires identifying understanding and swiftly adjusting to these new academic expectations.

CSN Team

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