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During MITRE Internship you will be exposed to people who have top notch knowledge, original ideas, and leadership skills to safeguard government and advance goals for operational success.

About MITRE Internship

Unlike the majority of technological companies, MITRE is unique. The R&D facilities we manage for the government have a long-lasting effect on a range of industries, including enterprise transformation, healthcare, aviation, and cybersecurity.

Alongside MITRE engineers, you will design, develop, and put into practice technologies and solutions

In three key strategic areas: threat-based engineering, design recovery and reverse engineering, privacy, resilience, cyber strategy, planning and design, and the development of novel cyber capabilities

Essential Duties for Interns 

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  • For government agencies, maintaining a vSphere lab environment served as the primary component of the vulnerability assessment infrastructure.
  • Constructing new reverse engineering methods and tools
  • Comprehensive investigation of a functioning system to identify its flaws and shortcomings
  • Checking a specific power supply’s reverse engineering for flaws and weaknesses
  • Delivering windows event data for a wider security effort is something I’m working on.
  • Editing and streamlining executive summaries, practice guides, and technical methodologies and designs for specialized publications on computer, cyber, and information security
  • Helping the ATT&CK team develop new methods and process information about cyber threats to expand their knowledge base
  • To facilitate opponent emulation on industrial control systems, creating new adversary capabilities in CALDERA

Eligibility Criteria for MITRE Internship

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  • Pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in computer science, information security, or a related field; certain opportunities at the high school level may be offered; must be enrolled full-time the following semester in an authorized degree-seeking program.
  • Basic familiarity with cyber security concepts, techniques, and technologies including WireShark, ELK, and Splunk
  • Working knowledge of reverse engineering, software analysis, and/or design recovery tools
  • A working knowledge of Java, Python, XML, HTML, C#, Objective C, and database design & programming, including SQL.
  • Possess expertise in cyberspace earned through academic studies and relevant internships or cooperative work
  • Maintaining a high standard of achievement in school
  • High degree desire to assist their country in resolving the most pressing issues
  • Demonstrates the traits of a lifelong learner
  • Students that approach problem solving from multiple disciplinary perspectives are welcome in many of our occupations.

During MITRE internship you will learn how to apply security engineering expertise, cutting-edge ideas, and technological solutions to address every aspect ofย  cyber challenges.

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