Millennium Scholarship 2022 – Check Eligibility

To be eligible for Millennium scholarship at the community college level, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits per semester.

About Millennium Scholarship

Outstanding minority students who qualify can apply for the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship (GMS). Each year, the GMS Millennium Scholarship would be awarded to 1000 deserving students.

Minorities with a high level of academic achievement and leadership potential who have a significant financial need were the target audience for the scholarship. One of the best scholarships offered was through this program.

The goal of the Bill Gates minority college scholarships is to raise the proportion of minorities who earn degrees in fields including computer science, education, engineering, mathematics, library science, public health, and the sciences, fields in which they are underrepresented.


Students may qualify for a Millenium scholarship if they are:

  • African American
  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Asian Pacific Islander American
  • Hispanic American
  • Have a declaration of major on file with the CSN Office of the Registrar


  1. Be African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asia Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American
  2. US citizen or permanent resident
  3. GPA 3.3 or better or earned a high school GED
  4. Will enroll in college our university fall of 2016 as full-time first-year student seeking a college degree
  5. Demonstrated leadership
  6. Meet the Federal Pell Grant criteria for eligibility
  7. Completed 3 required Gates Millenium Scholarship application forms:
  8. Student Application Form

Program Accomplishments

  1. Funding more than 16,000 Gates Millennium Scholars since the inception of the program
  2. GMS has awarded over $763,628,869 in scholarships between the 2000-2012 academic years
  3. The average award was $12,227 between the 2001-2012 academic years
  4. The average first-year undergraduate student retention rate is 97.9% among Gates Scholars; the average second-year rate is 96%
  5. The GMS five-year graduation rate is 80.6% and the six-year graduation rate is over 86.3%

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