Mike Rowe Scholarship: Application Update 2022

The Mike Rowe scholarship is offered to students across the United States. This grant is open to students who are enrolled in or want to enroll in vocational or trade-related programs.

About Mike Rowe Scholarship

In 2004, Mike Rowe established the Mike Rowe Scholarship. He did this by writing the short phrase “Skills and Work Ethics Aren’t Taboo” in the vow S.W.E.A.T.

It is a collection of fundamental values that emphasize the importance of work ethic, delayed gratification, personal accountability, and an optimistic outlook in the professional and personal lives of workers.

All students who choose to pursue a career in skilled labor are eligible for scholarships from Midwest Technical Institute and the Mike Rowe Works Foundation.

All the scholarship students who, for financial reasons, cannot finish their studies are offered scholarships here under the qualifications of the applicants.

All students will have the chance to develop their skills and showcase them through this grant. The amount given to the students pays their tuition for the course they are enrolled in.


In order to be eligible for this scholarship students must meet the following criteria

1. Must be from the United States

2. High school graduates, or those who have completed their studies at an accredited two-year college, technical school, or other recognized technical institution within the United States.

3. The students who have already enrolled or willing to get enrolled in an approved vocational or similar trade-related program.

4. The Mike Rowe scholarship is not open to students who have previously received educational scholarships from the Foundation.


1. Completed School Cost Form.

2. A copy of page one from most recently filed IRS Form 1040.

3. Completed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge Short Answer Questions.

4. Transcript of grades. Applicants must include high school, vo-tech, or college transcripts of grades from each school attended. 

5. Two (2) completed Reference Questionnaires.

How to Apply

All candidates who wish to apply for this scholarship may do so via the link provided for registration after having verified their eligibility and supporting documentation.

The following are the main steps of applying:

1. Enroll in an approved program

2. After enrolling in the authorized program, the swipe oath must be signed.

3. You must complete three questions with written responses and compose an essay about yourself before submitting your application.

4. This will require a minimum of two teacher references, and then they must be included in a brief video with a 45–60 second video title.

5. The video must not contain any music or trademarks of any type.

6. The applicant must submit this YouTube video and make it public using the guidelines provided.


1. A total of $400,000 will be scrounged up for the most recent program.

2. Each applicant who is chosen for this scholarship will get a single reward.

3. The grant will solely pay for trade or vocational school tuition.

We have made an effort to address all of your concerns and questions in this article. If you still have questions, please post a remark in the space below.

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