Microsoft Explore Internship – Check Qualifications

The Microsoft Explore Internship is one of the brand’s yearly cycles of internships for students who want to pursue degrees in a variety of academic subjects.

About Microsoft 

Microsoft Corporation is a global American technology business with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. In numerous countries, they are now well-known. The most widely used Microsoft service and product in homes around the world is Microsoft Office.

About Microsoft Explore Internship

You can experience real-world employment in your field through an internship. One of the finest methods to get you ready for life after graduation and introduce you to the field of your choice is through internships.

You have the chance to get involved in the tech industry with the Microsoft Explore internship. Students in their first or second year of their bachelor’s degree program are eligible for the 12-week summer internship program.

The program has been created in a three-phase format with an emphasis on Design, Build, and Quality. This curriculum will pique your interest in computer science if you work as a computer engineer or in a related field.

You will receive coaching, mentoring, and placement in community-building activities while you are learning on the job. The course also provides you with several opportunities for networking in your industry.


  1. Developing a product in close cooperation with Explore interns. You must give this your best effort because the outcome will affect your entire team.
  2. Working closely with supervisors and mentors will be expected of you. It will be your responsibility to analyze the needs, calculate the expenses, and develop and deploy features and services.
  3. You will be given a fantastic working environment for the entire twelve weeks of your internship, where you will learn the fundamentals of technology. 


  • Currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in the US, Canada, or Mexico as a freshman or sophomore student.
  • Shown interest in studying computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or a similar technical field as a major
  • Completed an Introduction to Computer Science course as well as one semester of calculus by the start of the program.


  • You will receive industry-leading healthcare while interning.
  • You will get the chance to network and establish connections with powerful companies and individuals in your sector.
  • The best thing is that you can save money on Microsoft’s goods and services. You are aware that this entails lower costs for equipment purchases as well as other benefits.

How to Apply

Online applications must be completed with the necessary categories and information. Visit the appropriate website link to submit an application.

Because of how wonderful this internship is, you can keep ownership of the designs you create. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

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