Mental Health Counselor Internship (Complete Guide)

Mental Health Counselor Interns will be exposed to skills that reflect the scope and practice of professional counselors.

About Mental Health Counselor Internship

Students pursuing a degree in Clinical Mental Health, Addictions Counseling, or School Counseling must complete two levels of supervised clinical work (practicum and internship) in the counseling program.

Students participate in all parts of a counselor’s role at a specific site as trainees. Students can combine professional parts of a counselor’s role through field experiences. A variety of off-campus situations.

About Practicums Internship

Students are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities that are customized to their specific needs and interests, as well as their professional objectives and talents. K-12 public schools for School Counseling (Pupil Personnel Services Program) counselor-trainees range from urban to suburban to rural. 

The site supervisor for rehabilitation majors must be a CRC or a CCDCIII for chemical dependency students. Students wishing to become Professional Clinical Counselors must have a site supervisor who is a certified LPCC or PCC with the supervision endorsement. 

The modes of supervision vary, but always include inspections of audiotapes or videotapes of various therapy sessions.

Available Counseling Fields

  • Marriage and family therapy clinics
  • Centers for Community Mental Health
  • Inpatient and outpatient facilities
  • Treatment centers for substance abuse
  • Hospitalization programs
  • Organizational Structures
  • Pastoral support
  • Personal practice
  • Rehabilitation organizations
  • Human service organizations that assist people with impairments and/or those who are chemically dependent

Internship Requirements 

  • Client service hours Individual therapy must account for at least 10% of direct contact time.
  • Group counseling must account for at least 10% of direct contact time. Specific major needs can be found in manuals.
  • Rehabilitation Counseling students must complete 6 graduate credits of RHB 8670 for a total of 600 hours at the internship site.

Applicants needs among other documents, copies of counselor trainee application form (for those pursuing a PC or PCC license or working at a community mental health center).

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