Medical Internship for High School Students in 2022

Are you thinking of going into medicine? Healthcare internships can help you get a jump start and can even assist you to get into college.

About Medical Internship

A doctor in training who has graduated from medical school and earned a medical degree is known as a medical intern because they do not yet have a license to independently practice medicine.

The typical conclusion of medical education is a time of practical training akin to an internship, but the overall curriculum of academic and practical medical training, as well as the nomenclature used, vary by nation.

Future medical professionals can get experiences like working in a lab, running trials, getting practical clinical experience, and more through internships and other pre-college medical programs.

Medical Internships for High School Students

For medical students and residents, we offer a variety of practical, brief internship programs. All provide a distinctive experience in a variety of public health specialties.

 Arthritis Foundation Summer Science Internship Program

The Rheumatology and Immunology Laboratories at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco provide an eight-week medical internship program for high school juniors and seniors and first- and second-year college undergraduates.

The 12 chosen students work under the direction of eminent researchers at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco in prestigious research and clinical laboratories (UCSF).

Indiana University Simon Cancer Summer Research Program 

Participants in this six-week online program are partnered with mentors and put in 40 hours each week on tasks like clinical research, database research using computers, or lab research.

Along with professional development seminars, they also take part in weekly workshops on themes related to getting accepted into graduate and professional programs of study.

Penn Summer Academies

High school students have the chance to take part in 3-week subject-intensive programs that combine innovative scientific or social theory with pertinent applications through the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s Summer Academies.

Biomedical research, chemical research, experimental physics, and neuroscience are among the topics covered by Penn Summer Academies.

The Seacole Scholars Program

Accepted candidates will perform a seven-week paid summer internship at a Lifespan hospital, spending four days a week in the nursing units and one day a week attending Lifespan Workforce and Youth Development training.

Ages 16 to 19 who will reside in Providence, Mount Hope, or Newport, Rhode Island, are eligible for this opportunity. A current CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) license is required.

NIH High School Summer Internship Program 

Students will have the chance to collaborate with some of the top biomedical researchers in the world during this hybrid internship for 2022. T

The average internship lasts eight weeks, while shorter internships may be considered.

During this time, students engage in events including NIH investigator lectures, workshops, for professional and career development, and college preparatory programs.

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