Lululemon Internship for International Students in USA

Lululemon Internship is ongoing! Their goal is to construct a distinctive learning environment that draws in, retains, and produces elite leaders who elevate their communities and fellow students.

About Lululemon Internship

The technical clothing brand lululemon, inspired by yoga, is capable of great things. Our overarching goal of uplifting the world via practice is informed by the yoga philosophy and practice.

They take great pride in being a rapidly expanding international business with locations from Vancouver to Shanghai and everywhere in between.

Their unique products, attention on our stores, dedication to our employees, and amazing connections we build in every community we operate in are all responsible for our success.


  • Complete daily building walkthroughs for upkeep, organization, and cleanliness
  • Manage and order any essential office supplies, stationery, and equipment.
  • Establish efficient and accurate processes and procedures for all office mail and package shipping and receiving.
  • Control visitor, vendor, and staff security access pass
  • Update and post all building signage and information (internal comms site, vendor contact list, floor plans, meeting room index, etc.)
  • Manage all exchanges with those working from home, traveling to the office, and working remotely to organize LA office operations and procedures and guarantee compliance.
  • Ensure that all office equipment is in working order by coordinating with the tech


  • Two to five years’ worth of experience, or the equivalent, in an administrative position with growing responsibility
  • Excellent business sense, tact, solid judgment, and prioritization skills
  • Able to uphold and follow the highest level of confidentiality
  • Advanced-level Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint proficiency
  • Working knowledge of publicly traded companies


  • Accepts that they always have a choice and that they are responsible for their own lives.
  • Have an innovative attitude that drives them to consistently produce excellent achievements.
  • Creates a space for others to interact with honesty and kindness in all of their communications.
  • Leads with courage, knowing the possibility of greatness is bigger than the fear of failure
  • Puts people first and creates relationships based on trust to promote connection.
  • Combines enjoyment and pleasure into their style of living and working, or they don’t take themselves too seriously.

We encourage you to apply for this internship. Kindly share this article and leave a  comment below.

CSN Team.

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