Letter of Interest for Internship Programs in 2022

A potential employer is introduced in the internship letter of interest. It should briefly discuss your reasons for being interested in the job.

What is a Letter of Interest?

Introducing yourself to a potential employer is done through the internship letter of interest. It ought to quickly address your motivation for applying for the job as well as, more crucially, your qualifications as the ideal applicant.

By highlighting your present and prospective career interests in the sector, use the letter to pique the employer’s curiosity.

The internship letter of interest format should include a succinct introduction, a list of your qualifications, and a compelling argument for why the employing company should hire you.

Letter of Interest Sample

This sample internship letter of interest is for a candidate who has experience with internships in the human resources industry.

During her junior year of college, she worked as an assistant to get experience in the field. She now hopes to secure an internship in a field closely connected to her job choice.

Dear Ms. Moore,

I am writing to express my interest in the Recruitment and Placement Specialist internship position posted on the University of Texas Career Services website. I am currently enrolled at the University of Texas, and I will graduate this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. I am aware of Jackson and Moore’s excellent reputation in the career placement industry and believe the company’s values align perfectly with my career goals.

During my junior year, I worked as an assistant to the training and development manager at KSG Employment Services, Inc. This internship provided me with valuable insights into the Human Resources field, especially in terms of how recruiters are expected to interact with applicants during the recruitment and screening processes. The opportunity provided me with valuable hands-on experience and confirmed that my personality, skills and abilities are well suited for my career choice.

My GPA is 3.7 and I expect to graduate with honors in the spring. My program of study is heavily focused on human communications and psychology. I possess strong written and verbal skills as well as excellent organizational skills. I am a people person and have worked hard to develop a good understanding of human motivation. I believe the ability to interpret body language is vital to this industry. For this reason, I am focusing heavily on this area during my senior year. I am dedicated, energetic and enthusiastic. I place a high value on quality and I thrive in team environments.

I would love the opportunity to contribute my best to your organization. I would appreciate the opportunity to expand on my qualifications with you in person. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] I do not take my cell phone to class but I do return messages promptly. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you in person.


JoLinda Gerald

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