Legal Internship Program (Completely Explained)

Working closely with the world bank legal Internship Program is exceptional and motivates development professionals and senior management.

The program aims to provide you first-hand experiences of the regular operations of the World Bank.

The World Bank Legal Internship Program is available for presently enrolled law school students three times a year for a maximum three-month period at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C and in some chosen country offices.

About World Bank Legal Internship Program

Through the World Bank Legal Internship Program, people can contribute fresh viewpoints, ground-breaking concepts, and cutting-edge research experiences to the organization’s everyday operations and hone their legal expertise while working in a diverse setting.

One will have the opportunity to contribute to the legal services provided by the Legal Vice Presidency and take part in high-profile events and conferences as a member of the team.

How to Apply

Please use official site to submit the papers listed below:

  • Résumé
  • Declaration of Interest
  • Academic transcripts and evidence of enrolment in a law program (LLB, JD, LLM, SJD, PhD, or equivalent..
  • For the current application session, write a brief essay responding to a research question set by the Legal Vice Presidency.

Roles for Interns

As projects come up throughout the duration of the internship program, interns will probably be involved in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Carrying out a range of legal tasks as directed by the supervising attorney.
  • Evaluating material, summarizing conclusions, and conducting research on assigned topics utilizing existing legal files and alternative sources (such as computer-assisted searches using the internet, intranet, and/or other databases).
  • Comparing legal opinions on various issues in a certain field, recognizing legal and policy issues, looking for pertinent precedents, and coming up with workable solutions.
  • Taking part in task or project teams with the presiding attorney
  • Helping to organize and prepare for conferences and meetings.
  • Completing ad hoc tasks as directed by the supervising attorney 

Important Note:

  • Visa: Student  must be sponsored by their educational institutions for participants in the World Bank Legal Internship Program. Participants in the World Bank Legal Internship Program may only receive special assistance from the World Bank in obtaining visa paperwork.
  • Cost: The World Bank will not charge or otherwise compensate participants in the World Bank Legal Internship Program. However, each World Bank Legal Intern must be compensated in accordance with World Bank Group policies and standards.
  • Health Insurance: Legal World Bank Interns are required to provide documentation of current major international medical insurance coverage, as they are liable for their own medical insurance and any costs associated with accidents and/or illnesses that occur during the internship period.
  • Selection Process : A competitive selection process will be used to choose the World Bank Legal Interns. The World Bank Group offers equitable employment opportunities.
  • Onboarding: The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency will arrange a quick onboarding session for the new cohort at the start of the summer, fall, and spring internship programs.
  • Performance Reviews: The World Bank is not required to give performance reviews of those who have taken part in its legal internship program.

Participants in the World Bank Legal Internship Program are required to acquire adequate funding for the duration of their internships.

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