Law Enforcement Internship ( Check Details)

Practical and hands-on law enforcement operations will expose interns to a wider educational experience during internship.

About Fairfax County Police Department Internship 

The Fairfax County Police Department Internship Program partners with the collegiate community while supporting college students through a cooperative effort. Our intention is to provide a better knowledge of the police force.

Additionally, the intern provider wants to inspire each college intern to think about working for a law enforcement internship organization in the future.


Learn more about necessary prerequisites for the fairfax county police department internship program below 

  • A background investigation, which includes a criminal background check, and background interview will be needed of prospective undergraduate interns. 
  • Candidates must have finished their freshman year’s first semester.
  • It is preferred that they major in a subject like public administration, analytics, or criminal justice. 
  • If the applicant has shown a dedication to a career in law enforcement and the college or university permits the internship for the studies program, other majors are permitted. 
  • There is no salary or stipend provided due to financial limitations

Eligibility Standard

Learn more about necessary eligibility Standards  for fairfax county police department Internship Program.

  • You must be able to meet the following requirements in order to be selected for an undergraduate police internship program:
  • Either a citizen or an alien with a valid visa.
  • Age of eighteen (18) or older.
  • Completed your first semester of college, ideally earning 3–15 credits from a college or university for an internship.
  • If the applicant has proven their dedication to a career in law enforcement, they may consider majoring in criminal justice, public administration, analytics, media relations, or another subject.
  • Minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA). (Requires official college transcript)
  • A copy of the academic specifications stating that enrolment in academic credit hours is required to complete the degree.
  • Have an excellent reputation and character.
  • Never committed a felony or significant misdemeanor, were engaged in one, or were found guilty of one.
  • Using drugs illegally will be examined based on the drug’s nature and usage pattern.
  • Possess the ability, with or without a reasonable accommodation, to execute core work responsibilities.
  • Interns will not be paid for their work. The interns are in charge of keeping track of all hours.
  •  Each intern is required to keep a daily activity log for submission.
  • The academic institution’s own liability indemnification agreement or letter shall not be accepted in lieu of the Fairfax County 
  • Police Department Internship Letter of Agreement by the college or university. (If hoping to get college credits)

Application Procedure

The academic year will be followed by the internships (i.e. Spring, Summer and Fall semesters).The following selection criteria for the police internship program must be met by each applicant.

  • Send your resume for review to at least 60 days before the start of the semester. 
  • If you meet the basic requirements, someone from the Personnel Resource Division will respond to your email and send you the necessary paperwork
  • finished and returned packet of personal history statements
  • Background Examining
  • Personal Examination Polygraph (If recommended)

The Fairfax County Police Department’s hiring process will put a priority on background checks to see if a potential intern can be admitted to a secure workplace and be trusted with handling sensitive and confidential material.

CSN Team

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