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The scholarship programs offered by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation are created to encourage and aid exceptional students who put in a lot of effort and need financial help.

About Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

The largest undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school graduates with financial need who wish to enroll in the greatest four-year colleges and universities in the country is the Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program.

In addition to the financial reward, Cooke Scholars also benefit from considerable cohort-based programming, thorough educational guidance, graduate school assistance, a vibrant network of around 3,200 other Cooke Scholars, as well as alumni support.

Each award is meant to pay for a sizeable portion of the student’s educational costs, such as tuition, living expenses, books, and mandatory fees. Awards vary from person to person, depending on the cost of tuition as well as any other grants or scholarships the individual may be eligible for.


  • Senior standing – Plan to graduate from a U.S. high school in spring 2023.
  • Fall College Enrollment – Intend to enroll in an accredited four-year college beginning in fall 2023.
  • GPA – Earn a minimum, cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above.
  • Demonstrate Unmet Financial Need
  • Persistence: Demonstrates perseverance when facing obstacles, is goal-oriented, and exhibits the ability to adapt to change.

Selection Criteria

  1. Academic ability and achievement: Strong academic record, academic awards and honors, and substantive assessments by educators providing confidential recommendations. We also look at:
  2. GPA (minimum of 3.5, unweighted)
  3.  participation in available advanced courses
  4.  commitment to learning
  5.  intellectual curiosity


  1. Up to $55,000 per year to attend a four-year accredited undergraduate school.
  2. Ability to pursue any area of study.
  3. Personal advising about selecting a college and navigating financial aid.
  4. Multifaceted advising about how to transition to a four-year college and maximize the student experience.

Do well to apply for this scholarship so you do not miss out on the benefits attached to it. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

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