Investment Banking Internship Program 2022 – A Guide

An internship in investment banking could be compared to your final chance to survive in a video game before the opposing horde murders you, throw your body into a lava pit, and eats your flesh if you handle it poorly.

About Investment Banking Internship

An internship in investment banking is essentially a long job interview. It enables banks to distinguish between fiction and reality because anyone may remember responses to interview questions, act smart, and project expertise.

However, very few students are able to work more than 80 hours per week, complete their assignments precisely and on time, and do so for an entire 8–10 weeks.

If you are enrolled in a 3-year full-time MBA program, you will do this internship between your first and second years; if you are enrolled in a part-time or EMBA program, you will finish it between your second and third years.

During the internship, you help full-time Analysts and Associates with every imaginable duty, from simple ones like ordering food and coffee to more complex ones.

Main Goal

In a full-time return, an offer is the main objective. You still need an offer so you can use it to compete for other offers, even if you decide you don’t want to work at this bank.

Secondary Goal

Determine whether or not investment banking is the correct choice for you as a secondary goal. You have to recruit for these internships before you even know if you want them because hiring begins so early.

If you determine that you detest banking and would never want to work in it after two to three months, fantastic! The goal was achieved.


  • Pitch for deals (marketing).
  • Work on deals for clients (execution).
  • Complete random tasks.

Think of an internship in investment banking as a better, more lucrative, and more reputable version of working at McDonald’s. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

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