Internship Recruiter (Check More Information)

A recruiting intern’s duties include supporting onboarding procedures, assisting the human resources department with the recruitment process, and finding potential applicants. 

About Internship Recruiter

Under the supervision of their supervisor or tenured recruitment employees, recruiting interns draft job advertisements on the company’s job boards and other online platforms, 

confirming the accuracy of qualifications and requirements based on the standards established by hiring managers of various departments. 

Additionally, they arrange interviews, review resumes, and gather additional needs from the chosen individual.

Essential Roles of Interns

Here are some duties from actual recruiting internship resumes that illustrate normal duties that these individuals would probably carry out in their employment.

  • Manage candidates as they pass from PeopleSoft’s applicant tracking system to the HRIS.
  • Lead a small team of recruiters in their efforts to hire the best people for the healthcare sector.
  • To guarantee EEO compliance, manage partnerships with outside employment and professional associations.
  • Establish and keep up the program’s Facebook page.
  • Resumes from career builder, monster, and can be downloaded and stored.
  • Create a pool of potential applicants for the program by leveraging the LinkedIn database as an applicant source.
  • Create a training/guide manual with other co-creators for the Intern/Coop program and create a SharePoint site for it.
  • Establish and preserve connections with potential talent sources.

Each intern will receive a worthwhile project and an unmatched learning opportunity. Your demanding and innovative work will have a direct impact on the team you are working with during your internship.

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