Internship Goals (See More Information)

To focus on taking the appropriate actions, you must set internship goals. This will lead to more fulfilling employment and the internship experience you desire.

About Internship Goals

Goals give your actions direction and a sense of purpose. Focus is essential because internships frequently lack the rigid structure that students are accustomed to.

Your objectives while in school are very simple: pass your classes and graduate. Writing papers and studying for tests are the activities you prioritize in order to pass your courses and accrue credits toward graduation.

Internship Goals for Interns

Goals that are specific and unique to you are what will really set your internship apart. The best spokesperson for your experience must be you. Set some goals for your own personal and professional development in addition to the project- or task-specific ones that you and your manager discussed.

Networking Goals

To make sure you are forming worthwhile connections that will help you after this internship, set a networking goal. Several instances include:

  • By the conclusion of the internship, add 40 new connections to your LinkedIn network.
  • Every week, arrange informational interviews with two firm employees.
  • Organize a Zoom trivia night once every two weeks for your fellow interns.

Resume Goals

Your resume aim is to concentrate on developing a new ability or accomplishing a particular outcome that will improve your experience. Several instances include:

  • Increase by 50% the company’s Instagram following
  • Make a SOP paper for the new remote work policy for the organization.
  • Learn Java and implement one new feature for a mobile app.

Brand Goals

Brand objectives can help you enhance your personal brand by increasing your level of subject-matter competence or by acquiring priceless soft skills. Several instances include:

  • Create 7 blog entries for the business website to expand your writing portfolio.
  • Earn an Olympic weightlifting coaching certification (I set this as one of my goals as an intern.
  • Update the team on the project at three all-hands sessions to hone your public speaking abilities.

Many recent college graduates choose internships as the beginning of their careers. This allows individuals to progressively take on more responsibility while adjusting to a work setting.

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