Video Game Internship Program 2022 – See Details

Are you looking for a video game internship? This article covers all you need to know about video game internships.

What is a Video Game Internship?

What precisely is an internship? Simply said, an internship is a unique work type that is only available to students.

It benefits both you and the game studio because you get on-the-job training while you finish school and the business benefits from getting some inexpensive or, dare we say, free labor.

Who is Eligible?

Typically, only college or university students are eligible for internships. You might not have a choice because some degree programs demand internships, but you should earn degree credits and gain valuable experience working in the real world.

High school students can take part in internship programs at some businesses. It’s uncommon, but it’s worth your time to contact or email your local game studios to see what openings there are if you’re a high school student looking to become a game developer.

How Much do Internships Pay?

Depending on the sort of internship and the local rules, internships may be paid or unpaid. If an intern is working on a real project, some fields demand that they be paid, while others do not.

So find out before applying if you’re counting on getting paid.

Paid internships at game firms in the US can cost anything from $15 per hour to over $30 per hour, according to anonymous pay reports on

What Game Companies Offer Internships?

Most major game developers and publishers provide internship opportunities. Rockstar, Riot Games, Roblox, and Epic Games are among the companies that run some of the top internship programs:

Riot Games internships: Each year, Riot Games hires a sizable number of intern students. Besides providing help with housing and relocation, they offer a salary that is comparable to that of professional developers.

They provide many opportunities for job networking through coffee meetings and other social events, as well as a “play budget” for you to use on games. Internships with riot are often only 10 or 12 weeks long.

Epic Games internships: With the help of experienced talent, you will work closely with Epic Games’ extensive internship program to make contributions to real games.

Student interns at Epic receive a competitive wage, support with moving expenses, housing assistance, and other benefits.

Companies with official internship programs will, like other employers, list job openings on online job boards.

You can therefore search job boards for the gaming sector like or Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

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