Internship for Biology Major: Requirements and Application

A biology internship can enlighten you on your area of focus and develop your research abilities if you want to pursue a career in any of them. 

Background of the Company

23andMe’s genetic database, this devoted research and medication development division identifies novel targets and conducts preclinical research to drive programs toward clinical development.

The mission of 23andMe has been to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome since 2006. 

They are a group of dedicated individuals who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to help turn genetic insight into improved health and personal understanding.

About Internship for Biology Major 

Biology internships take place in a lab, you’ll spend your days operating equipment, collecting, assembling, and evaluating data, and writing reports. You can also do fieldwork on-site or organize educational events to teach youngsters about different species, the environment, and conservation.

During the 10-week summer internship program, you will work with our Biology team in the Therapeutics department to advance our efforts in target identification in the cardiovascular and other disease areas. 

You will have the opportunity to obtain experience in drug research and development in industry in a corporate context, Candidates will have prior expertise addressing biological hypotheses using biochemical, molecular, and cell biology methodologies.

Interns Responsibilities

Learn more about essential duties of interns 

  • Candidates will create molecular, biochemical, or cell-based assays for target validation and candidate screening with direction.
  • At team meetings, present and discuss scientific facts.
  • Compile important literature in the subject of cardiovascular medicine.
  • Maintain comprehensive and accurate laboratory paperwork and electronic files.
  • Learn about drug discovery and development in the industry.
  • Work with cross-functional teams.
  • In a fast-paced work environment, prioritize activities while anticipating potential problems.

Biology has a wide range of prospective specialities and jobs. You can work as a biology technician or researcher in genetics, botany, zoology, ecology, or biochemistry in a university, lab, or government agency.

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