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Interns work alongside our engineers, scientists, and corporate workers on relevant projects and programs. 

About Illumina Internship

Illumina offers a 12-week summer internship program that emphasizes practical project work, networking opportunities, and professional development. 

The program is called iAspire, which stands for Aspirational Students Pursuing Innovative and Rewarding Experiences.

Illumina two-story exercise center, athletic grounds and other amenities are available at the headquarters. Coffee shops and corporate cafeterias It is truly an opportunity to learn, grow, and become a fully integrated member.

Illumina Internship Roles

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Every year, around 75 undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students enroll in the program, illumina responsibilities cover a wide range of skill sets, from highly technical to corporate functions.

  •  Among the various roles available are those in Finance, Bioinformatics, Process Engineering, Research & Development, Marketing and Software Engineering.


Learn more about the prerequisites of the internship below

  • While qualifications vary by position, we recommend that you have a 3.2 GPA and be a rising junior in a Bachelor’s program.
  • All intern positions are advertised on the company’s careers pages. 
  • To be considered for any employment, students must apply online at 

To ensure that our interns receive the complete Illumina experience, interns are  provided  with access to all of our campus amenities.

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