Hope Scholarship WV 2022- Check Eligibility

The West Virginia Hope Scholarship Program is an ESA that enables qualified parents to receive the average per-pupil state funds already designated for their children’s education.

About Hope Scholarship WV

The Hope Scholarship Program in West Virginia is an education savings account (ESA) that enables qualified parents to receive the average state funds per pupil already designated for their children’s education onto an electronic, parent-controlled fund for educational expenses.

These costs may cover things like tuition for private schools, tutoring, credentials, treatments, transportation, and more. On this page, you may find out more about the program’s operation, including its requirements, funding, rules, and more.


Students must have either been enrolled in public school for the whole prior school year or have attended public elementary or secondary schools for at least 45 full-time instructional days of the application year.

No matter how many years a student has attended public school before, they are all qualified for a Hope Scholarship in kindergarten.

Following initial approval, parents can extend their children’s Hope scholarships every year until the student graduates from high school or turns 21.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Income Limit: None
  2. Prior Year Public School Requirement: Yes
  3. Geographic Limit: Statewide
  4. Enrollment Cap: No
  5. Account Cap: 100 percent average per pupil aid
  6. Testing Mandates: Nationally norm-referenced tests


Parent must sign an agreement to:

  1. Provide an education in the subjects of reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies
  2. Only use the Hope Scholarship for qualifying expenses
  3. Comply with all rules and requirements as promulgated by the Hope Scholarship Program Board
  4. Allow the student to take part in enrichment activities such as organized athletics, art, music and literature
  5. Alert the Hope Scholarship Program Board of any enrollment changes or withdrawals

West Virginia’s Hope Scholarship Program is the most expansive ESA in the country and has the potential to help tens of thousands of students get the educational services that best fit their needs.

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