Why You Should be Hired for an Internship – Ways to Answer

Looking for ways to answer why you should be hired for an internship? In this article, you will learn how to answer these questions

How does an Internship Help you?

An internship is a  financial investment in your future. Here is why;

You are Exposed to Practical Experience

Internships provide you with a glimpse into the setting you hope to work in in the future. You gain practical knowledge of how things operate in an office setting as an intern for a corporation.

When you start full-time employment, you also gain a better understanding of the job role you want to choose.

It Promotes Networking

This is because you go to meetings and company functions while you’re an intern. This will increase your exposure to the industry. You’ll network with experts in diverse fields and meet new people.

It Builds your Resume

Internships appear even better on a resume than degrees and certifications do. Everyone in the modern world has some level of education.

An internship can help you stand out in this situation. By demonstrating that you have some work experience to a potential employer, you’ll have a better chance of landing a job.

Serves as a Foundation for your Career

When you carefully select an internship in the field where you want to pursue a career, it serves as a stepping stone for you.

You work with a business that can show you the ropes of the industry.

Why you Should be Hired?

These are some answers to the questions

“In order to assess my potential and innate skills, I want to undertake this internship. Although I have a solid foundation of knowledge in this field, I believe that the best approach for me to advance would be to gain actual work experience at a reputable organization like yours. I want to advance my education and get the knowledge that will help me become a respected expert in this subject.”

“I appreciate you asking this question. Since I am a quick learner and am really interested in pursuing a career in this field, I believe I will be a wonderful fit for the internship. I have already started my preparation by learning about your business, your ideas, and your objectives. I am confident that I can provide all you are looking for in a candidate.”

“I am confident in saying that I am one of the deserving applicants you are seeking for this internship. I hope that after reading my resume and speaking with me thus far, I was able to give you a good picture of my areas of skill, my areas of interest, and my passions. I would love nothing more than the opportunity to work for your organization because my professional objectives are a wonderful fit.”

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