Top 5 Internships for High School Students 2022

For high school students looking for an internship, a high school one is a great opportunity to start thinking about your career prospects.

About High School Internship

There is never a bad time to start applying for internships. While many students wait until their senior year of college to look for internships, doing so in high school is a great approach to begin considering your alternatives.

Furthermore, including an internship on your resume will make you stand out from the competition when applying to colleges.

They might even strengthen your scholarship application. This list of some of the top internships for high school students.

1. Microsoft High School Internship 

This internship is a fantastic starting point for students who are interested in investigating STEM-related subjects of study.

Students have the opportunity to network with Microsoft staff members, investigate potential career routes, and hone their computer science and programming abilities.

Although the program is now on hold, you can fill out this survey to be kept informed about potential opportunities in the future.

2. NASA Internships 

Numerous internship opportunities are available at the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA for students in various educational levels, from high school to graduation.

Students can work and research STEM career possibilities while still in school thanks to the NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program (IEP).

High school students must be at least 16 years old and in their sophomore, junior, or senior year to qualify. Here is a comprehensive list of all available NASA internships.

3. KP Launch Internship 

Underrepresented and low-income high school students interested in a career in healthcare are offered paid internships through the KP Launch program. Northern California’s medical facilities and Oakland are among the places where interns will work.

Participants in the program have the opportunity to network with healthcare professionals and learn about the many non-medical occupations that are available in the healthcare sector.

4. The Intern Group Global Internship Program

An overseas internship is an ideal method to fill the year between high school and college.

Students can intern in one of 14 cities across the world through the Intern Group’s worldwide internship program if they are 18 years old or older (in rare situations, 17-year-olds are eligible).

This program is a great way to obtain work experience, stand out on college applications, and open doors to travel and adventure. There are internships available in many different professions.

5. Smithsonian Internships 

The Smithsonian Institution offers internship programs in almost every discipline imaginable, from business and public administration to art, science, and history.

One such program is the Youth Engagement through Science (YES!) internship, which offers high school students in the Washington, D.C., area hands-on science training.

There are several chances for students who are interested in the arts, cultures, and histories. Here is a comprehensive list of internships at the Smithsonian.

You probably won’t have any experience with the application process as a high school student. Starting with the fundamentals is a wise approach.

Learn how to create a cover letter for an internship, how to build a CV, and how to write about yourself.

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