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The healthcare internship aims at advancing the goals of global health, and each health system must have a capable and innovative health workforce.

About WHO Internship Program

Building a diverse pool of potential public health leaders is a priority for WHO, which is the world authority on public health concerns. 

The WHO Internship Programme provides a variety of chances for college students and recent graduates to learn more about the technical and administrative programs of WHO and to broaden their knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, advancing public health.

WHO Objectives 

To establish a structure for allocating qualified students from various academic backgrounds to WHO programs where they can improve their educational experience through chances for capacity building.

To give students who have interests in a range of subjects relevant to the technical and administrative programs of WHO the chance to participate in their work.

The WHO offers internships in administrative and technical fields like communication, external relations, and human resources.


  • Age: As of the application date, you are at least twenty years old.
  • Education: You are enrolled in a program at a university or similar institution that will lead to a formal qualification (undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate), in a field of public health, medicine, or social work that is related to the technical work of WHO, or in a field related to management, administration, communications, or external relations.
  • Candidates who have previously earned a degree or other credential may also be eligible for consideration.
  • Prior to beginning the internship, you had completed three years of full-time study at a university or other comparable institution (a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent).
  • Languages: You speak them fluently at the very least in one of the office of assignment’s working languages.
  • You are not a family member of a WHO employee, such as a son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, or father.
  • You are an official citizen of a WHO Member State.
  • You have never taken part in the internship program at the WHO.

How to apply

WHO Global Internship Programme is open for applicants from all across the world.

  • All applications must be submitted using the WHO online recruiting system in response to internship position vacancy notices published on the WHO Careers website (Stellis). 
  • Outside of Stellis, there is no way to apply for an internship at WHO.
  • There are internship roles available in many different organizational settings and professions (regional offices, country offices or headquarters).
  •  We advise you to periodically visit the internship website for new opportunities because internship options are continuously released with varying requirements and application deadlines.

Benefits of WHO Internship program

  • WHO offers comprehensive medical and accident insurance to all interns throughout the duration of their internship.
  • The intern is solely responsible for all personal and financial obligations for insurance coverage prior to the start date of the internship and following the end date of the internship, as well as transport to and from the duty station location.
  • WHO will give eligible interns who qualify and need financial assistance a living allowance.
  • A legal Declaration of Interests form must be completed by each intern. Candidates for internships must disclose any relevant financial information on this form, including any grants, bursaries, scholarships, or other forms of financial support. 
  • The eligibility of the intern candidates to receive financial support will be determined by the information given on this form.
  • Some duty stations may offer lunch coupons.

An internship with WHO would be a fantastic experience, there is a group of eager, driven, and supportive individuals who would always be there to offer guidance.

CSN Team

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