Healthcare Consultant Internship (View More Details)

During Healthcare Consultant Internship, you will be essential to the team’s data collection and analysis, customer interviews, and recommendation-making processes.

About Healthcare Consultant 

A professional who offers advice and other intentional activities in a field of specialization is known as a consultant.

Healthcare consulting is the practice of imparting knowledge, offering counsel, and assisting healthcare businesses in making commercial choices that foster expansion and profit for their clients and patients.

Healthcare Consultant Internship

For six-month stints in Europe or three-month summer internships in the US, we are looking for interns to work with us as analysts in the healthcare consulting industry.

Locations are variable and can be either at our Boston office in the US or in our offices in Barcelona, Milan, or Paris in the EU.As a business analyst, you will collaborate with others on client projects and be in charge of finding solutions.

Essential Duties 

Among the responsibilities are:

  • To Perform market and industry research on the healthcare industry.
  • To answer customer inquiries, identify problems, and assist in developing hypotheses and solutions.
  • Refine recommendations and combine findings with the team.
  • Create and update slideshows or other written materials to reflect the team’s observations and suggestions.
  • Keep track of significant initiatives, news, legislation, corporate operations, and M&A deals while evaluating how strategies and business plans will affect them.
  • help with the creation of marketing materials, presentations, and business proposals.

Knowledge and Skills

Learn more about the prerequisite below

  • Students with an MSc in business, economics, finance, or a related field of the life sciences who are about to graduate or have just finished looking for an internship in the management consulting and healthcare sectors
  • Has excellent English.
  • Excellent Microsoft Office knowledge and expertise (Excel and PowerPoint are a must).
  • Strong organizational and analytical abilities, as well as strong attention to detail
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and written communication abilities.
  • Ability to prioritize activities and work autonomously.
  • Studies in the medical field, engineering, or the life sciences, as well as relevant prior experience, are highly preferred.

This Healthcare Consultant Internship goal directs commitment to provide improved human-centric healthcare in a world that is changing quickly. 

CSN Team

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