GSK Internship: All You Should Know

GSK internship is a 12-week intensive opportunity for current students looking for a dynamic experience in Finance within GSK.

GSK Internship

GSK success is entirely dependent on employees. GSK tis proposed to become hub  where people are inspired, encouraged, and challenged to achieve their full potential. 

A safe haven where they can be themselves while also feeling welcomed, valued, and included. Where they can continue to grow and be cared for.

Core Roles 

Learn more about the core duties of interns below 

  • You will work on projects that are critical to GSK’s business and will require you to demonstrate strategic insight, financial skill application, analytical ability, and leadership capability.
  • You will be given the necessary support and training, as well as the opportunity to interact with senior leaders.
  • Provide the business units with the partnership, strategic counsel, and support services they require to operate efficiently and effectively.


Find out more about about the prerequisites of the internship 

  • Excellent communication skills and a flexible mind set are required to advance your career in a global matrix organization.
  • Motivate yourself to increase your impact through leadership, innovation, and decision-making abilities.
  • You are tenacious, accountable, and an innovative thinker who shapes change in our fast-paced, adaptable environment. Finance Global Assistance Function
  • Courageous in achieving results, energized by change, and passionate about finance and the impact it can have on strategy now and in the future
  • Accountable and ready to accelerate your advancement and take personal responsibility for meeting our commitments
  • GSK Values are extremely important and are well represented.

Application Process

  • Application Form Online 
  • The World of GSK online assessment 
  • To proceed to the next stage, you must successfully complete this assessment.
  • GSK Life job simulation 
  • To proceed to the next stage, you must successfully complete this assessment.
  • Accept an offer for a virtual business interview.

Global Finance is one of the Global Support Functions that form the common core of GSK’s operating model and drive a unified GSK approach.

CSN Team

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