Google MBA Internship – All you Should Know

Google MBA Internship is ongoing! If you really want an internship with Google, you’ll need to stand out from the competition.

About Google MBA Internship

Students currently enrolled in an MBA program at a university are eligible to apply for Google’s internship programs.

There are open application periods in September and October, and they have particular requirements that are related to the location of the internship.

Google places interns in a variety of company teams, including Google Technical Services (gTech), Google Cloud, Finance, Product Management, and Google Customer Solutions, during their 10–12 week internships (GCS).


As a Google MBA intern, you’ll get hands-on training from working professionals and a foot in the door at a highly sought-after company.

The same great benefits that are given to full-time employees are also available. Included in this are complimentary meals, a $6,000 welcome incentive, a shuttle, an on-site gym, healthcare perks, and 401(k) matching.


  • Cognitive ability: the capacity to learn and adjust to new circumstances in witty people.
  • Role-related expertise: the background, knowledge, and abilities that will enable you to succeed in the role
  • Leadership: an individual who can work well in a group while overcoming obstacles to find solutions and have an influence.
  • Googleyness: a disposition toward collaboration, action bias, and comfort with ambiguity


  • Interest in the technology sector and the business of Google
  • Zeal for inclusion, equity, and diversity
  • Independent drive and capacity for critical thought showed
  • Ability to tackle complex, highly strategic business problems through analysis
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and project management capabilities
  • Possessing the capacity to lead and carry out ideas in a changing environment

How to Apply

  • On the Google Careers website, search for MBA internships under Students, Internships in Business, and MBA Internships.
  • Review the requirements and confirm that you meet them, then make sure your resume reflects this.
  • Typically, you’ll attach your résumé, your graduation month and year, and your credentials from college or graduate school (or course list).
  • Your CV will be initially reviewed when internships become available.
  • You might be required to write an essay or conduct a survey, depending on the internship.

If you are approved for the internship, you will learn which project you will work on and get further instructions. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.

CSN Team.

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