Gardiner Scholarship 2022 – Check Eligibility

The Gardiner Scholarship Program provides eligible students a scholarship that can be used to purchase approved services or products.

About Gardiner Scholarship

The Personal Learning Scholarship Account, or PLSA, was replaced by the Gardiner Scholarship Program in 2014 to give parents more flexibility in addressing the unique needs of their qualifying children.

The accounts can be used by parents of eligible Florida children to fund prepaid college plans as well as buy recognized educationally related items or services.


  • The student is a resident of Florida;
  •  The student will be 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1st, or
  •  The student is eligible to enroll in kindergarten through grade twelve in a public school in Florida
  • The student has at least one of the disabilities 
  •  The student has an AAA Diagnosis of Disability Form completed and signed by a U.S,  licensed physician or a Florida licensed psychologist

How Much is the Scholarship Worth?

The scholarship is worth 90% of the cash a school district would receive for the student and varies depending on the student’s grade, county, and matrix score. For the majority of students, the average sum is $10,000.

How are Scholarships Awarded?

Students who qualify for scholarships will be given them in the following priority order: retaining students from the wait list from the previous academic year.

How to Apply

You can visit the official website for application

How Are the Scholarships Funded?

Through a state grant to the AAA Scholarship Foundation, the Florida Department of Education funds scholarships. Each year, the state decides how much money will be allocated to the program.

Eligible students will be added to a waiting list if sufficient funding is exhausted or not available.

The Gardiner Scholarship can pay or reimburse for services provided be a tutor that is licensed, certified, or that can show a mastery in the field they are instructing. Kindly share this information and leave a comment below.

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